Friday, February 27, 2015

Brick City Legend!

He's been a music maker for decades now.

The list of his clients is utterly impressive, reading like a who's who of artists. These include classic recordings by Redman & Method Man, LOTUG, The Outsidaz, Craig Mack, Yuk Mouth, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Leela James, Runt Dawg, Brick Mob and of course Diezzle Don & Tha Govenor (Gov produced The Year Of The Independents LP,  a steadfast underground classic).

But what of his own music?

Gov's full length debut takes the same unique sounds and distinctive style of Jersey hip-hop and presents it on Colossus.

The title speaks volumes about the project itself.

According to the dictionary the word 'colossus' means anything colossal, gigantic, or very powerful.

Imagine the possibilities.

On this project Big Gov Mattic sounds more determined, driven and focused with vocals delivered in a organic and raw sound similar to foundation hip hop & dance hall music.

This project, from what I've heard thus far, is as big and as powerful as its name.

A colossus.

For more of Gov's music check these links:

The album can found here:

-written by Lucius Black for Street Thoughts/Royalty Magazine

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Colossus Now Available!

Support the movement by copping Gov Mattic's latest project "Colossus".  Now available on iTunes

Track list:

The Death Wish

Coppin Pleas

Bruh Man

Bring It back Again feat Crys Deniro Cuts By CMZ

The Answer

Brand New (Blues)

A Million Stories

Bullet Proof Vest (Prod By EDOBECI)

Aww Yeah

The Rise & Fall (Prod By DJ PORNO)

Newark Cry